Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass & Light

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Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass & Light is a tribute to festivals in the city's past and future. In line with Pittsburgh's proud tradition of glass sculpting, This site examines some of the best glass exhibits that city has hosted as well as providing you with information glass related events happening soon. As glass is a prisim for light, our site also celebrates the innovative and artistic light festivals that have taken place in Pittsburgh over the years. And in the spirt of the these festivals, we celebrate also the cultural and artistic heritage of Pittsburgh that make the city such a wonderful place to be.

The Pittsburgh region has been ranked the most livable place in America, with safe communities, boundless cultural and recreational amenities, and an academic community that rivals that of any region in the country. With this news, the City of Pittsburgh has reason to celebrate. Our site offers information on some of Pittsburgh's greatest celebrations past, present and future, and how the wealth of culture and art contiues to grow.

One of the factors of the cultural resurgence in Pittsburgh has been the Imagine Pittsburgh campaign that aims to revitalize the community. Their Creative approach to community development has helped spur an explosion in cultural events. Find out what exciting things they are doing at Imagine Pittsburgh.

One of the most significant events to improve the image of Downtown Pittsburgh in recent memory is the Festival of Lights, The brain child of French Artist Lucette de Rugy. Born out of passion for producing major cultural and historical events in Europe, Lucette fashioned Artlumiere. The firm is a fusion of Theatre, Artistic Programming, Theatrical Design and Artistic Lighting. They create stunning public events by marrying art with state-of-the-art lighting technology. With the help of a creative team of outstanding artists and excellent technicians, Artlumiere transforms architecturally generic structures into truly extraordinary works of art through the projection of large scale imagery and color. Artlumiere helps revitalize communities by instilling a sense of wonder by creating a city that is full of beauty and wonder. You can find out more about Pittsburgh's Festival of lights at our Past Celebrations page, or see the works of created by de Rugy and Artlumiere at their official Website.


Another series of Celebrations to remember was the Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass. The 2007 year-long event showcased some of the most beautiful glass works the world had ever seen at locations all over the city. The City of Pittsburgh has a long and proud tradition of creating works of art from glass. Dating back to the earliest days of the United States, the first glasshouses were founded in this area. Automated glass-making machines debuted here after Western Pennsylvania distinguished itself as the nation's leader in glass production in the 19th century.

The Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass was a celebration of this history. The yearlong offering of events centered on the region’s industrial glassmaking heritage and its future as a glass art hub of creativity. There were major glass exhibits at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Phipps Conservatory and the Carnegie Museum of Art, but the best part of the celebration was that events were in many smaller venues as well. The combined attendance went into into six figures. This helped to re-establish Pittsburgh as the Glass producing capital of America. You can learn more about it on our Past Celebrations page.